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FAQs for Live Painting at
weddings & events


You have a lot of questions?
I have a lot of answers.

Does Jacob offer any ADD ONS to his live painting packages?​

Yes! I would be happy to do any type / variation via a "custom studio painting" from your photos beforehand.

Here are some examples, which can also be found in Jacob's "Studio Commissions" page:

Jacob Event Painting_Couples Portrait Painting_Aleja y Marco_16x20_edited.jpg
Jacob Event Painting_Joel+Reagann_couples portrait 2022_16x20_accomplished painting_edited
Jacob Event Painting_Laura + Toby_small couples portrait painting_unveiling_March 2023_rev
Jacob Event Painting_medium_large portrait painting_studio painting_24x36_Brooke + Jimmy_a

A special ADD ON... Will you be having a Remembrance Table at your wedding?

So, I also offer to create (up to 5) "Memorabilia Small Portrait Paintings" on 11 inches x 14 inches (vertical orientation) stretched canvas, head and bust portraits in my more realistic style, from your provided photography that I can create in his studio before your wedding or event. These paintings are a great way to remember a loved one that has passed away, being a wonderful reminder as a painting to be displayed at your wedding and to cherish for a lifetime afterward.

Does Jacob offer any discounts?

Yes and no. I give much attention to my pricing structure to stay competitive but also reasonable with the many years of experience I now have while also being highly skilled and one of the best that do what I do. You are welcome to reach out with any questions though - I'd love to chat with you.

What kind of events does Jacob paint at?

I currently accept painting at a variety of weddings, destination weddings in Florida, Jewish weddings, Christian weddings, Indian weddings, wedding anniversaries, corporate events, galas / fundraisers, birthday parties, vow renewals, sweet sixteens / quinceañeras, bar mitzvahs / bat mitzvahs to name a few. I even painted a murder mystery party once!

Where does Jacob travel to and where is he based out of?

I am based in the Sarasota, Florida area and travel to events just about anywhere so long as you are willing to help compensate for me to cover additional travel costs (such as airfare, lodging for a extended amount of time, rental car etc.).

What is Jacob's deposit structure like, how can I pay and are they refundable?

Deposits and or payments are non-refundable out of respect of me saving your date from other inquires and since I rely on deposits to live. Thank you for your understanding.


A deposit of $1,000 (includes FL sales tax) to save your date which will go towards your total amount due, including any ADD ONs or more extensive packages, travel etc. which will be need to be paid in full no later than 30 days to an event date (or 60 days if more than an 8 hour drive to give me more time to buy airfare etc.).

I would create a digital invoice that after wanted to move forward with booking me, that I will email a link to access so you can pay with your preferred credit card, securely and conveniently.

What is the process for hiring Jacob to paint at my wedding or event?
  • If you are ready to book me (after reading this page and its details, checking out pricing / packages), you are encouraged to complete a "Live Painting Request Form" which will give me the needed details to create a contract and invoice for you to review and complete.
  • Requests that are not properly filled out (incomplete address and or full names provided) will not be responded to. Thank you in advance.
  • I will email you as soon as I am able. I avoid "automation" and prefer the personable touch of writing to you personally, so please be patient for my response. Allow for longer response times on weekends (when I am busiest). Thank you for your patience in advance.
  • If I am available on your date, and if you want to move forward with me saving your date, I will create a digital time-sensitive contract and invoice for you to complete (mentioned above).
  • Once the contract is signed, dated by you & me and the invoice's deposit is successfully paid then I will officially be saving your date from other booking requests!
What kind of materials does Jacob use / paint with?
I paint with archival, water based, professional quality acrylic paints that are non-toxic on either hand-stretched or store bought (either will be archival quality) stretched canvas (backside stapled). Your painting will be left unframed however it will have white edges (sides) and I will attach hanging wire in case you want to hang it as is right away.
(NOTE: if further than an 8 hour drive, airfare is required to fly to your event, I will likely have to purchase an archival canvas locally to your event to avoid traveling with it).
Jacob Event Painting_live wedding painting_angled canvas copy_edited.jpg
Jacob Event Painting_8x8 Pet Portrait_canvas angle_edited.jpg
Jacob Event Painting_Couples Portrait Painting_Aleja y Marco_16x20_backside of canvas.jpg

Does Jacob have any restrictions?

I am a pretty easy-going, down to Earth guy that desires to love people by God's mighty grace. But when it comes to legalities, I desire to hold my ground. I believe in the rights of the individual and will not sign any required documents presented to me by a venue, event planner etc. in order to enter a premises to fulfill an obligation to a client that are in nature: "no-hold harms" and or "release of claims" and or "non-compete". 


Additionally, I will not sign any documents that are trending in this current age that go against my beliefs and or are contradictive and are discriminatory to me despite an entity appearing to be "accepting". These in nature actually divide people and create discrimination and I want nothing to do with these.

I believe these types of documents are one-sided in nature and don't protect me but the other entity. No one should be demanded to sign these kinds of forms and quite actually most places don't.

Also, I will not be held responsible for any mandates that would be imposed by local or federal restrictions, not allowing me to attend an event as I hold to my right of being "non-declaring" regarding any vaccinations, to avoid politics etc. and as I value my privacy. Thank you for your understanding.

Artistically speaking, I prefer the caveat to not paint the people of interest (bride and groom, CEO etc.) not too small. With my current live painting styles, for your painting to be as gorgeously painted as they are the faces need to be at least 4 + inches tall or more (meaning not smaller than this). Since I use my artistic license when making every painting, I tend to paint more zoomed in on the couple, or people of interest, with their surroundings skewed purposely and expertly around them. This can also be called foreshortening. 

What kind of a guy is Jacob?

Please visit "About Jacob" page to learn more about me!

Is Jacob licensed and or insured?

I don't really know what being "licensed" means for an artist (I find this idea hysterical)... but I have been a professional artist serving wonderful people for over 20 + years and has been a practicing artist my entire life!


However, yes, Jacob Event Painting is a recognized LLC with the state of Florida that is in good standing.


If required by a venue, I can provide a COI (certificate of insurance) to a venue that requires it upon entering their premises. I would be glad to do so after a client officially hires me (not before) emailed to the client's contact at the venue directly, with them informing me how to populate a COI specifically to their needs.

Does Jacob require a vendor meal?

Yes and no. If you want to offer me one, I will greatly appreciate it, if not, I won't hold a grudge against you.

Is Jacob friendly / approachable?

YES! I thrive on attention and I encourage conversation with guests throughout the event while I paints. Men receive a bad rep for not being good at multi-tasking, although this stereotype has merit, but I am MULTITASKULAR with painting AND talking at the same time.

What kind of setup does Jacob have and where does he setup while at my event?

So, I hand-built his custom set-up to look posh and to be efficient / practical. With many years of experience know how to refine my appearance to look great and appealing. 

I have a custom easel that can accommodate up to a 36 inches x 48 inches stretched-canvas that I carry in as well as rolls in with my custom painter's cart.

I don't need anything for most events as I prefer standing while I paint (no chair) and I don't need a table as my custom painter's cart holds everything. 

I do however need access to a wall outlet to plug in my easel's clamp lamp during a reception (not needed for a ceremony).

For placement, I usually am trusted to figure this out upon arrival to set up since it only takes a couple minutes or less to do so. But if insisted upon, I can coordinate with an event planner etc. to figure out placement ahead of time. I tend to prefer being placed up against a wall, so that the live painting faces out so everyone can enjoy the progress throughout the event and in an area that people congregate and can hear dialogue. Next to a bar is an ideal placement. 

Arrival time / Jacob's day-of process and live painting philosophy

Arrival time is dependent upon when I can acquire posed figurative reference of the bride + groom, VIP, CEO etc. if hired for his "stylized-realistic" offering. Typically I would like to coordinate with you if you are having a first look or before the start of the event to meet. This is ideal to not get in the other professionals way during crucial moments, and only takes a few seconds to say hi and discuss your ideal pose and take a pic. I use this photo reference since its unrealistic for the VIP's to stand still for the entirety of the event for me to paint them. Duh.


For weddings: if no first look is happening, I can meet you after the ceremony during formal / family photos to accomplish this.

You don't have to be in the actual scene for me to acquire this reference as I will use my artistic license to paint you into your desired scene (for example: a first dance) as I use multiple photos to create and orchestrate the ideal painting.


My live painting philosophy is centered around the people of interest, especially Jacob's "stylized-realistic" offerings whereas I prefer to start the painting's composition with the gorgeous figurative work of the bride + groom etc. first then skew the ambiance to them, not the other way around. I understand there is a live painting style that is predominantly focused on painting the background ahead of time then placing the people of interest on / in it. It is my professional opinion that I am not in favor of this approach as I don't view the people of interest as less important than the surroundings.

To in part accomplish this and to attain high-quality figurative work, I require the people of interest's faces not to be too small (at least 4 + inches or more in height if possible).

How long does Jacob paint?

Typically, I only needs 3-5 hours for his base package "PRETTY" which either be started at a ceremony and or reception, and is finished at your reception whereas there is more time. For his packages that require more time that are "started on site then finished later", I can paint longer at the event and then after the event in my studio, for additional compensation, depending on the complexity of the painting, only take 1-3 days (no more than 2 weeks) of additional painting time to accomplish.

Does Jacob hand deliver and or ship paintings?

YES! With my current "BEAUTIFUL", "STUNNING" and "GORGEOUS" live painting packages (since they are "started on site then finished later" in nature) I will hand deliver your finished painting(s) no later than 14 days after an event date (I have limited storage space) up to a 3 hour drive one way (I am based in the Sarasota, Florida area).


Otherwise if you reside further than a 3 hour drive for Jacob, I will have your painting(s) professionally shipped, packed and insured by UPS or another professional entity (only offered within the continental US). I will email you a tracking number so you can keep an eye out for it since a signature is required upon delivery. I currently charge $250 up to $500 (no more than this) to help offset these costs for me.

What kind of attire does Jacob wear?

I wear custom suits and have a world-class / rock band style to me. 

Is Jacob clean, neat / orderly?

Ummm yes! I wears my custom clothing because I never get paint anywhere other than your canvas since I is so articulated with his efforts.






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