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Jacob James Neagle Fine Art



Hey there!

My name is Jacob James Neagle. I am a husband, a new papa and I love Jesus.

I have been a practicing artist my entire life with 17 + years experience as a live painter.

Based in the Sarasota, Florida area, I travel all over the state and country painting amazing places and people.

I am a classical fine artist. I paint freehand using brushes & archival materials on stretched canvas, while observing ideal photo reference to make every painting a custom, unique keepsake.

My masterpieces serve as live entertainment (live wedding painting & live event painting) and or painted in my studio (custom fine art painting), to be cherished for a life time.

Learn more about how I can serve you with excellence while painting your story one-brush-stroke-at-a-time.


some recent live wedding paintings |  live event paintings
& kind words



I also paint memories after they happen from your photos!

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Studio Commissions

I paint weddings, events, special memories from your photos!
I also paint traditional fine art, classically painted portraiture in my studio from your photos.
Learn more through the link below!


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