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With over 14 years of live painting experience, Jacob specializes in creating fine art of your special moment! Using brushes & paint, Jacob will create a personalized masterpiece for you to cherish for years to come.

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Your live event painter extraordinaire 

Your special moment is a once in a lifetime occurrence.
Hire Jacob to capture your memory, a professional luxurious fine artist that will apply great skill, care & attention into your specialized masterpiece.
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photo courtesy of Abby Hart Photo

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Jacob can paint at your gala & wow your guests


OLD PRICING $2,000 - $4,000

flat all-inclusive fees depending on package etc.

NEW PRICING $750 + expenses
a lowered talent fee + only what is needed to come & paint at your event

So, Jacob desires to flourish doing what he loves, serving others with excellence. Which is great news for you as he completely overhauled his packages - pricing is now greatly reduced to a respectable talent fee + expenses (expenses are dependent upon package selection & destination of event). Detailed lists of expenses can be found in the "Terms of Service" prior to checkout.
(please read)


Currently, Jacob is no longer accepting bookings for more than 9 hours away from Sarasota, FL (serving all of Florida / Georgia, some areas of Alabama / South Carolina / Mississippi). Thank you for your understanding.

Please be sure to read Jacob's booking FAQs before booking:
Pricing & Packages, Availability, Reservations

1. pick a package
Scroll back up after selecting any package to where the 1st package was to continue the booking process.
2. select a date
If available, If your date is greyed out, then it is already booked.
3. pick any time slot
This just guarantees that your date will be saved for you (after you pay deposit & agree to Terms of Service / submit) since the entire day will be saved for you you can let him know what time your event is (start & finish) afterward via his questionnaire he will email you.
4. pay deposit with credit card
Jacob requires a deposit to save any date, which you are welcome to do so with your preferred credit card.
5. review & agree to the Terms of Service
This is the basic agreement of service according to the package you selected. There is customization (in accordance to your selected package), that you can discuss with Jacob via email & the questionnaire that Jacob will email you after booking).

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please be sure to review Jacob's previously created masterpieces to make sure you & him are a great fit

fine art from Jacob's studio