A live painting completed in up to 5 hours, on-site during the Birthday Party. Jacob will capture the person's birthday and one additional loved one in a refined-impressionistic manner, also capturing their specialized cake, and the ambiance of the venue and or location. 16 x 20” acrylic on canvas, handed over upon completion, on-site.

$ 1,600


Alla Prima 16 x 20 inches (Birthday Party)





Have your birthday party painted live, as it happens capturing the most important aspects. Jacob will come to paint during your event, being entertainment to you and your guests leaving with you a unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom to cherish and remember your memory for a life time!

Father & Son Birthday Party Live Painting

16 x 20 inches, "Alla Prima" package

About a 5 hour duration, focusing on the 2 birthday boys, their home & specialized cakes (in this case Star Wars & Jurassic Park).

& A's

Questions and Answers

Why live painting?

Live painting is a great, unique way to capture your special memory and to cherish it for years to come. Clients are always raving that hiring a live painter to capture their special memory was one of the best decisions they made and one of their favorite (if not their favorite) addition! Jacob interacts with the guests making this gift not only a keepsake afterwards but a wonderful live entertainment for guests. It is said men do not multi-task well, however, for Jacob live painting and talking with guests come naturally.

Why hire Jacob? 

Jacob was trained academically with much time and skill put fourth in developing his live painting style. Jacob's live paintings are often described as being impressionistic with representational elements - meaning, you can see the accurate perspective in the scene and value, but details are simplified and faces are often left blank and or vague. Guests and loved ones are distinguishable because of the shapes and colors of their attire and other notable likenesses. Clientele love the simplified style, and above all Jacob captures the essence of the moment in time ultimately creating an impression to enjoy for years to come. Jacob is punctual, prompt and charming. Jacob has a 100% satisfaction rating and is recommended by all his clients.

What is the booking process like?

You can email Jacob directly, but it is preferred to fill out the book with Jacob form on the BOOK YOUR EVENT page to avoid unnecessary back and fourth. Decide upon which package you can afford and or want, give Jacob some important details as in date and location so Jacob can give an accurate quote and discuss availability. Jacob will request all the necessary information when you first reach out and ahead of time to plan accordingly, this includes your expectations and ensuring Jacob will completely satisfy your requests. Jacob will then make an agreement with everything discussed as early as that same day to seal the deal and reserve him for your event! Jacob is very responsive to emails and phone calls, and will walk with you through the process.

Where does Jacob travel?

Jacob resides in Sarasota, FL. He is thrilled to come to you, where ever your event may be to paint it with excellence! Just about anywhere in the state of Florida, nation and worldwide.

Is there travel costs?

No and Yes. For weddings and events close to Sarasota, FL, no. For weddings and events further than 2 hours of drive (for example: Orlando, Boca Raton, Tampa, Boca Grande, Naples etc.) are within these limits. Anything further than that (for example 3+ hour drive: Miami, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Seaside, Pensacola, Jacksonville, St. Augustine etc.) gas and an affordable hotel room costs for the night of the event will be included in the quote. Jacob is willing to drive to neighboring states to avoid airfare costs. Anything other than a neighboring state Jacob will include in the quote the most economical cost for airfare, 1 checked luggage (possibly 2 checked luggage costs for the painting if you choose the Refined package option). When you reach out to Jacob for availability and let him know the details found on the book with Jacob form on the BOOK YOUR EVENT page he will let you know right away what the costs will be to travel to your event. Jacob is very frugal and will work with you to give you the most affordable quote and to earn your business.

Are there any other fees?
Purchase this service as a gift?

Yes. There will be a 3.5% CC processing fee for deposits. Jacob requests a valid CC to ensure timely payments and to avoid hassles.  

Jacob most often works with brides directly, sometimes grooms, but often is the case that relatives, friends or even the bridal party will want to do this service as a surprise and or gift to the special couple. This has been a tremendous success in the past and Jacob could not encourage you more if you are considering doing this as a surprise and or gift!

Live Painting space requirements?

Base requirements are a 4 x 5 foot space. A little more space is required for the larger painting options, specifically if the canvas (which more than likely) is horizontal. Jacob in all actuality depending on the scene, venue and location does not require much space as he stands and paints!

Setup time?

Jacob arrives at least 1 hour prior to kickoff (of either ceremony and or reception (whatever you hire him for), and even earlier than that depending on the size of the canvas you hire him. More time for the larger canvases. This is to ensure Jacob can get setup and start painting the scene before guests start arriving. For ceremony paintings, since they are so short in nature (depending on the type of ceremony) Jacob will actually paint most of the painting before the start of the ceremony, and paint in the guests and the bridal party during the ceremony to ensure the painting is complete shortly there afterwards.

Jacob's setup time is very quick, he only needs what he can carry in his hands and over his shoulder and sets up in minutes.

If I choose the refined style, when will I recieve my painting?
Can I have prints made of my painting?

Jacob is incredibly quick and efficient. If you agree to have him paint in the refined style, Jacob will have the painting complete and shipped (or hand delivered if close) to you within 2 weeks time after your event!

Yes, absolutely! Jacob can create thank you cards and or limited edition prints that are numbered and hand-signed depicting your beautiful painting after the event. Decide upon this ahead of time and added to the total of the original quote, or contacted about it after the event for an additional charge.

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