(For Live Wedding Painting, please visit the live wedding page and or email me directly as those are based upon travel, date availability and other factors)


Have me hand paint a CUSTOM, one-of-a-kind original painting of you or of your loved ones special moment!


The following offerings will be similar in scope to the "Live Wedding Painting" offerings, but less expensive since I am doing it from the comfort of my own studio.


Please keep in mind the larger the canvas, the more ambiance and or likenesses allowed, or the larger it is and less people the more ambiance etc. For example, the 16in x 20in will be portrait (tall) orientation to allow a more detailed portrait of the couple, and will have a little ambiance surrounding them, compared to a 30in x 40in canvas will most likely be landscape (horizontal) orientation, and will have more space to hand paint more figures and ambiance. Since I am painting your masterpiece by hand and with my current style, I can only paint a given amount of detail in a particular space.


Its as simple as pay me in full and email your photos to me that you would like to have me create something from. It can be from 1 photo that is perfect as is or a combination of a few photos, adding elements to merge into one idealized scene. Completing the painting typically takes 1-7 days to complete plus shipping times to you. I will share a photo via email of the finished painting over email to ensure you approve the painting before shipment.

Specifications are:

- Professional grade acrylics painted on stretched canvas (approx. 1.5 inch thickness).

- White borders.
- The painting will come UNFRAMED but will have hanging wire attached to the backside of the stretcher bars for immediate hanging.


Once you pay in full, please email me the photo (or photos) that you want to me to paint from. Dependent upon my schedule and other commissions I will within a few days have a composition all painted out. Once I officially start painting the portrait I can usually have it accomplished within 1-7 business days PLUS shipping times. I am in Sarasota, FL, so however long it takes to get to you! I will ship via a ground service... the most economical available to save as much money as possible (I hope you understand since I will be paying for the shipping costs). Before I pack & ship it, I will take a photo of the painting and message you to ensure you are satisfied with the painting.


- I paint in an impressionistic, realistic style... meaning, it looks realistic, but when you get up close it will show the brush strokes, as well as areas will be "simplified" and exhibit basic shapes.
- Certain parts of the painting will look more "resolved" than others, but will still exhibit brush work. For example, the face(s) will look the most "polished" but still appear painterly.
- For the larger painting options, I can paint people or pets in the painting as well! Just let me know.
- The photos will always vary from in person viewing, especially the lighting, and the painting always looks better in person! So, please keep this in mind.

Custom Wedding Portrait / Scene (studio painting from your photography)

  • Please understand if you decide for any reason after you hire me to paint your personalized masterpiece, and I have done so, I will not be able to refund any payments out of respect of my time, talent and resources. I hope you can understand.


    If you decide before I start painting that you need to cancel, then I will gladly refund you in full.

  • Please be sure to provide me with an accurate shipping address at checkout.

    I am only offering this service to clients in the continental US. It is not cost effective for me at this time to ship paintings further. Thank you for your understanding.

Visit the Pricing & Reservation form!

For general questions, you are encouraged to call, text or email Jacob directly!



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