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$1,284 (includes FL sales tax + most expenses)
up to 2.5 hours away
(Jacob resides in Sarasota, Florida)

  • Started and completed at the event.
  • ONLY for non-wedding events:
    • corporate events
    • birthday parties
    • social galas etc.
  • This package allows to have many likenesses (faceless), painted very painterly (meaning broad brush strokes will be evident) in an impressionistic manner but still having representational qualities (strong color, values, perspective etc.) OR of a particular theme of the event.
  • 2 - 5 hours of painting time.
  • Any customizable size from 16 x 20 inches up to 24 x 36 inches.
  • + $200 (+ FL sales tax) for events 2.5 - 5 hour drive for Jacob (to help with additional gas and or lodging costs).
  1. Date (if your desired date is available it will be in black).
  2. Time (4:00 PM saves your date).
  3. Contact & deposit information.
  4. Review & agree to terms of service (this is the formal agreement between you & Jacob, which details the package perimeters & Jacob's current process).
  5. BOOK Jacob!
  • Your date is being automatically saved from other inquiries!
  • Please be patient for Jacob to email you an official confirmation with a links to your invoice & questionnaire to give him all the details about your event. Jacob will also include a PDF of your terms of service for your records.
  • After you complete the questionnaire letting him know details about your event, will help him determine an accurate amount based upon the prices above and in the terms of service, that he will be able adjust on your invoice for you to pay via your preferred credit card no later than 30 days prior to your event date. If booking within 30 days to your event date, then the remaining due will be due within 72 hours of booking.
  • Jacob resides in Sarasota, FL. Jacob will travel to your event within approximately a 5 hour drive from him.
  • 4:00 PM time slot is just to save your date as Jacob typically only saves one event per day. You are encouraged to call or email Jacob before booking to ensure logistically he can make it to your event start time from and to another event as he tries to book events on a daily basis.
  • Date availability is up-to-date since Jacob accepts real-time bookings.
  • Deposits & payments are non-refundable.
  • Please be sure to read the terms of service (this is under the contact info section of the reservation form below) for full service details & Jacob's booking process. Thank you!
Check availability & select time slot
answer basic questions
pay deposit via CC
agree to terms of service
& checkout to save Jacob!

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