reduced pricing from $2,000 - $4,000
Because Jacob wants to keep busier doing what he loves & to serve his clientele with excellence.
Completed All on Site: Themed or Impressionistic Package
for Corporate Events | Galas

3 - 8 Hour Drive From Sarasota (Lodging Provided by Client)

Please be sure to read the BOOKING FAQs below the reservation form! Otherwise, you are welcome to check your availability & if Jacob is available, reserve your date!

Pricing & Terms of Service updated in May 2022.
If a desired date is not greyed out, then it is available to be booked as Jacob accepts real-time bookings.



When selecting a date, be sure to scroll to see more details including: review Terms of Service & pay deposit to save your date! (If available)

There should be a "4:00 PM" slot available for any date available to be reserved. Select this option to reserve your day! Jacob only takes 1 booking per day, so most cases Jacob will be able to accommodate an early event (or later) than what is shown. You are encouraged to reach out to Jacob to be sure.


Currently, Jacob is no longer accepting bookings to drive more than 8 hours away from Sarasota, FL (serving all of Florida / Georgia, some areas of Alabama / South Carolina / Mississippi). Thank you for your understanding.  Other than a limited time "Fly" option for specific packages.
Your special date can be booked by anyone, at any moment, so don't hesitate if you want to reserve Jacob!
Out of respect for Jacob's time & also for saving your date from other inquiries. Jacob relies on deposits for his livelihood. Thank you for your future understanding. In the rare circumstance an event is cancelled, Jacob is willing to paint something from a photograph(s) of your choice of similar worth.

Completed All on Site: Themed or Impressionistic Package
for Corporate Events | Galas

This package will be completed by the end of your event and handed over before Jacob's departure.

Jacob will come to your special event and paint between 2 - 5 hours live, being fine entertainment for you & your guests and will serve as a beautiful reminder of your memory. If less than 3 1/2 hours, Jacob will start painting 1 - 2 hours prior to the start of the event as he typically needs 3 1/2 - 5 hours of painting time depending on the composition.

Since Jacob will be painting in his more painterly / impressionistic style, he can incorporate many guests (faceless) into the painting's composition and or make the painting according to the theme of the event.

Jacob can paint on various canvas sizes ranging from 16 inches x 20 inches up to 30 inches x 40 inches. The smaller the canvas size the less information and larger canvas sizes allow for more information and or people / ambiance.

What kind of events does Jacob paint at?
corporate events
gala fundraisers 

social gatherings

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Booking Jacob can be explained in these simple steps

  1. Save your date by BOOKING Jacob on his website (below)

Select your desired package, if your date is available check out while paying a simple deposit for Jacob to save your date from other inquiries, which will go towards his income.

A list of expenses are broken down into lists depending on what package, where the event is located and other factors. For complete transparency and for you to budget accordingly, this can be found in the "Terms of Service" before checkout. To see the "Terms of Service", please tentatively select a package, an available date, and scroll below where you'd pay to save Jacob for your date.

2. Jacob will email you shortly after booking with confirmation

Although the availability calendar should show immediately that your date is now greyed out after officially booking, blocking other inquiries from booking Jacob for your date, Jacob will still email you to confirm for your peace of mind. Once you officially book Jacob, he will reach out typically within the hour. But please allow up to 1 day or more for responses if inquired during the weekend or popular times. 

In this confirmation email Jacob will include your "invoice", showing that you paid a deposit towards his income & the remaining income & expenses for him to come & paint at your event, which you can conveniently pay the remaining anytime up until, but not after 30 days prior to your event date. Jacob currently only takes deposits and payments via your preferred credit card.

In this email, Jacob will include a link for you to fill out a "questionnaire" to answer all the important details to ensure Jacob is ready to rock come your special day! 

Lastly, in this email, Jacob will attach a PDF as a copy for your records of the "Terms of Service" which has all sorts of great details (for the sake of being completely transparent), that is required to be checked off prior to booking Jacob on his website (below).